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Who we are

Here at E&R Cleaning we understand that operating a business can be challenging, that’s why we completely takeover the on-going issue of keeping your business clean. Our company has been serving some of the biggest names in South Florida since 1982; we have been redefining professionalism and dependability for over 36 years.

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Our Services

Front of House Cleaning

Our front of house cleaning includes the main entrance, the dining room, lounge area, any meeting rooms, behind the bar, bar mats, etc. The level of cleaning our crews go into includes moving tables to vacuum your carpets, cleaning your floors whether its by a floor machine or sweeping and mopping, both high and low dusting, bright work is especially taken into consideration when cleaning, we shine all brass, clean the windows, glass, blinds, and more.

Restroom Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning we feel that the restrooms are of the utmost importance, as that’s where almost every guest will visit, a dirty restroom is sure to make a guest question the sanitation of the kitchen and other areas of the facility, so we pay extra attention to detail. We clean restrooms from the ceiling down, sanitize all surfaces, any and all bright work, and replenish any toiletries when needed.

Pressure Washing

We have ourvery own team of pressure washers, we can handle any area you need cleaned atany frequency

 Kitchen and Back of house cleaning

When it comes to kitchen cleaning, our company really shines, we provide a full service deep cleaning on a daily basis which includes all of the kitchen line, degreasing, cleaning the mats, all of the hoods and filters, cleaning the food stations, the drains and floors, we also clean kitchen equipment, employee break areas, hallways, back offices, and more.

Our Clients

Bars and Pubs

We clean the bar floors, game room floors, seating area floors and tables, any party rooms, we handle trash disposal, restroom cleaning, breakroom cleaning, carpet vacuuming, high and dusting, and more.

Movie Theaters

With movie theaters being such a large space to clean and maintain, E&R Cleaning takes pride in having the workforce to get any size theater cleaned properly and efficiently. Cleaning consists of bathrooms, auditoriums, concession stands ,hallways, snack counter, main lobby, etc.

Night Clubs

Our staff atE&R cleaning has extensive experience with night club cleaning, more thanthree decades to be exact. We understand that your night club is under a greatdeal of scrutiny on a daily basis from your guests. That’s why we offer you ourguarantee that our staff will leave your nightclub as clean as the day itopened. We begin cleaning with removing the waste, with attention to thechewing gum on the dance floor, we then wax and scrub the floor, and have stateof the art buffer machines. We clean each bathroom from ceiling to floor,sanitize all surfaces and leave them smelling fresh and clean, we clean alltable surfaces and bar surfaces, all sofa and couch areas, all hallways, andbase boards, and much more.

Country Clubs

E&R Cleaning has been servicing some of the finest Country Clubs in South Florida since the 1980s. We clean all areas of the club including the lobby and common areas, grounds, any hallways, employee offices, bathrooms, and more.

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